ISO 9001:2008 Certified (No:QS-7119HH)
Features of Speciality Bags
  • Body construction: square, U-panel
  • Fabric: PP circular woven, PP flat woven
  • Lift style: 4 corner loops
  • Top style: duffel,spout, open
  • Bottom style: flat, spout
  • Standard dimensions: based on the customer's requirements
  • Coating: optional
  • Liner: optional
  • Dust-proof seams(optional)
Range of our Speciality Bags
  • Single bag for a container.
  • Customers can fill the material directly in to the bag.
  • Container liners has air vent, fill spout and discharge spout facilities.
  • Advantage of using this liner as we can save on handling and labour cost.
  • The container can be tilted and discharge the material by gravitation.
  • The entire container liner area can be cleaned using vacuum.
  • Cleaner and make contamination free container liner.